Who is Mercurio Loi

My name is Mercurio Loi

In a Rome full of secret societies, conspirators, and masked figures, Mercurio Loi just can't keep his curiosity at bay, but without hurrying too much…

Mercurio Loi is a university History professor, but he's apparently much more interested in the challenges and mysteries of the strange Roman society of the early 19th century.

For the everyday Roman citizen of 1826, Mercurio Loi is nothing more than a very learned and intelligent professor. Maybe a bit of a loiterer and jovial, smiling fellow. You can often see him strolling along the tangled and busy lanes, or on the Tiber's banks yet without its new stone embankments. Mostly, he's with his assistant Ottone, a grim-looking and brooding young man, who may be a member of the Carbonari.

But few people can imagine that our eccentric professor is probably following a clue or prying into some strange affair. He's nursing a suspicion, dragging his baffled assistant with him. Mostly at night, ignoring the Pope's curfew, Mercurio dons his cape and ventures into the streets to look for what he loves the most: mind challenges, either by his sworn enemy, Tarcisio Spada, or by a mysterious character that jumps from roof to roof in cape and mask. Or even by a cook that has him search for the hidden ingredients of a secret recipe.

Well, Rome in 1826 is a very strange place — the Pope turned it into a kingdom and rules it with the steely hand of a monarch, the nights are off-limits, secret societies and conspirator want to seize power, and many people wear masks.

Mercurio Loi strolls through all this, with a smile on his face, a cane in his hand, in no hurry at all, seemingly unfazed by everything around him.