Preview 2017

Nathan Never 2017!

For our special Agent Alfa, 2017 will be full of sci-fi initiatives and new events. You can find out (almost) everything about it in our preview!


By Glauco Guardigli e Michele Medda

Hello everybody, and welcome to our anticipated preview of what's in store for the Special Agent Alfa in 2017!

Per concludere con il botto i festeggiamenti per il venticinquennale, a maggio vi attende uno specialissimo albo tutto a colori!

On Nathan Never's regular series, in February, it's time for an album called Il vero futuro. It's the ending point of the trilogy that clarified the degraded and violent situation in the lowest levels of East City, and the massive educational problems that force kids to become the workforce for the crime corporations. In March, Real History will put Nathan & Legs inside a virtual amusement park: our Alfa agents will be plunged into different times in history while looking for the two powerful ESPers who make the complicated managing of the game sceneries possible. They will have a hard time trying to get out of there alive, what with SS monsters, Saint Valentine's Day massacres and dinosaurs from the Cretacean! But also the mental asylum where Nathan is held in April, having lost his memory and utterly crushed by adversity, is not exactly the equivalent of a tropical paradise... Luckily for our hero, he'll be able to avoid plunging definitively into the abyss of darkest desperation, by finding in himself and his guide (!) the strength for an uphill fight...

In May, – with a preview and a variant cover specially made for the Comicon in Naples – it will be time for n. 312: to properly celebrate the end of the festivities for Nathan Never's first 25 years, we asked a good friend of Nathan's for help. A man who saw the character grow up before he moved on to a series of significant collaborations with the most renowned French and U.S. publishers, and a hard-cover Tex book that you really need to put on the shelves of your library... As you'll have already guessed, we are talking about Mario Alberti who created, with text written by an inspired Alberto Ostini, the 94, beautiful pages of Il canto di Gaia. Ah, and this, it goes without saying, will be a full-color album!

Finally, in June, just to conclude this brief excursus about the regular series issues, a new trilogy will begin. Bepi Vigna tailored it for the pencil and ink of another multi-faceted artist, who has been waiting for a long time to set to work on our hero. In a strongly horror-tinged story – as well as “madly” science fiction-like –, the unmistakable Luigi Piccatto, one of the historical Dylan Dog's pillars, will accompany us all summer long, with the promise of presenting us with some useful thrills to better stand the heat.

The Universo Alfa volume, in May, will host the last, long-awaited episode of the Sezione Eurasia series. We'll go back to the White City to know what will be the fate of the team led by the gorgeous Maori warrior, Asjia. A tense and adrenaline-charged adventure with more than a touch of emotion, as is the custom for a writer like Alberto Ostini. Indeed, you may remember that Asjia and Ròka had something more that a mutual camaraderie going on… In this occasion, Mario Jannì's well-rounded and intriguing pen will provide the art. In November, it will be time for a new Universo Alfa series, written by Giovanni Gualdoni & Davide Rigamonti, with the provisional title of ESP Files. Here, we will witness the comeback of Herbert Loomis, the protagonist of Nathan Never n. 238, Il museo dei ricordi... But, of course, we'll begin by reintroducing him in the regular series, with a story to be published just after summer, with art by Mario Atzori.

There'd be so much more to talk about, like the double down on the Maxi Nathan Never, for instance (after the regular April issue, you'll find another album at your newsstands in October). Or the Magazine, Michele Medda and Germano Bonazzi's new series, the next Speciale… Just keep an eye trained on our website. Good things are in store for all of you!