Preview 2017

Tex 2017!

Our usual preview of Bonelli's next 12 months begins with Tex, who will be the hero of a year's worth of riding and gunfighting on the Wild West frontier!...


By Mauro Boselli and Giorgio Giusfredi

After a scary and diabolical opening in the Death Valley, inside Yama's cursed temple, Tex will try to find a child who's been kidnapped by a dangerous killer; he will tell us a tale from his youth, at the time when, along with an old mate of his, he'll go back with Jethro to the Deep South to confront the hooded men of Ku Klux Klan. Going even further back in time, we will find Tex still riding Dinamite, when he yet was a magnificent outlaw: and this story will allow us to witness Tex's first encounter with Cochise

A lady friend will also come back from the past: in the calientes lands of Mexico, the gorgeous Lupe Velasco is in danger, and the four pards will all give their best effort in order to rescue her.

 In our 2nd Tex Magazine – coming soon! – we'll be able to read a solo adventure of a young Kit Willer. In February, it will be time for a marvelous reprint edition, in full color, of a masterpiece by Aurelio Galleppini: “Gli sterminatori”, a classic story written by Gian Luigi Bonelli, now in a hard-cover, large-format edition, to celebrate Galleppini's centenary. In Fall, Tex's youth will return twice, in a hard-cover volume with art by Stefano Andreucci and in the Maxi, entirely dedicated to Tex's childhood and teenage years in the Nueces Valley.