• n.2, monthly La redenzione del samurai

Introduction: Honor, justice and glory… a deadly challenge in the heart of medieval Japan!

Le Storie


Frequency: monthly

La redenzione del samurai

Release: 13/11/2012

Plot and script: Roberto Recchioni
Artwork: Andrea Accardi
Cover: Aldo Di Gennaro

Jubei disobeyed the orders of his master — thus he must die. The young Tetsuo is entrusted with the task to find him and bring him to his fate. Along the way, though, an unexpected revelation will change the course of his mission…

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Title M/A first edition Le Storie
1 Il boia di Parigi 10.2012
2 La redenzione del samurai 11.2012
3 La rivolta dei Sepoy 12.2012
4 No smoking 01.2013
5 Il lato oscuro della Luna 02.2013
6 Ritorno a Berlino 03.2013
7 La pattuglia 04.2013
8 Amore nero 05.2013
9 Mexican Standoff 06.2013
10 Nobody 07.2013