• n.9, semestral Il mondo fluttuante

Introduction: Lilith wakes up, after more than a century, and once again the hunt for the triacanth is on!



Frequency: semestral

Il mondo fluttuante

Release: 16/11/2012

Soggetto, sceneggiatura, Artwork e Cover: Luca Enoch

Japan, second half of the 18th century. We are in Dystopia. The Tokugawas lost the all-important battle of Sekigahara and the country is ruled by the Toyotomis that, instead of closing the island to the outside world, began an era of aggressiva colonial expansion. After lying in narcolepsy for more than 150 years, and being honored in the Temple of the uncorrupted girl, a pilgrimage place for all the country, Lilith goes back on the tracks of the triacanth. Her pursue will bring the girl to the new Japanese capital city, Osaka, where she'll enter the "floating world" of the plasure areas, with tea-houses and theaters, crowded by kabuki actors, street painters, refined prostitutes and giant sumo wrestlers.

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Title M/A first edition Lilith
1 Il segno del Triacanto 11.2008
2 Il vessillo di Re Morte 06.2009
3 Il fronte di pietra 11.2009
4 Cavalcando con il diavolo 06.2010
5 Il mantello dell'orso 11.2010
6 Il re delle scimmie 06.2011
7 La signora dei giochi 11.2011
8 La grande battaglia 06.2012
9 Il mondo fluttuante 11.2012
10 Cuore di tenebre 06.2013