• n.2, annual I delitti di Sunset Boulevard

Introduction: An investigation that uncovers the disreputable face of Hollywood, for the comeback of funny old private detective Leo Pulp!

Leo Pulp


Frequency: annual

I delitti di Sunset Boulevard

Release: 05/03/2005

Subject and script: Claudio Nizzi
Artwork and Cover: Massimo Bonfatti

Investigating into the disappearance of a young actress, private detective Leo Pulp finds out there are at least five movie starlets who’ve disappeared without a trace. The inquiry takes him to the foreboding mansion of an old star from the era of silent films, who seems to be hiding macabre and blood-spattered secrets…

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Title M/A first edition Leo Pulp
1 La scomparsa di Amanda Cross 05.2001
2 I delitti di Sunset Boulevard 03.2005
3 Il caso della magnolia rossa 05.2007