• n.1, annual La scomparsa di Amanda Cross

Leo Pulp


Frequency: annual

La scomparsa di Amanda Cross

Release: 26/05/2001

Plot and script: Claudio Nizzi
Artwork and cover design: Massimo Bonfanti

His fee is twenty–five dollars a day plus expenses, his weapon an automatic Browning, his car an old jalopy that often won’t start, his main asset a damn good knack for smelling out the mysterious intrigues of nineteen-forties Hollywood… Private investigator Leo Pulp officially makes his debut in this album, transporting us into a “hard boiled” world of free-for-alls, lethal blasts of hot lead, bungling gangsters and gorgeous dolls. In a nutshell, the Los Angeles that provides the background to Leo Pulp’s first and highly dangerous investigation is a place you can die in, there’s no denying it… but with a smile on your lips!

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Title M/A first edition Leo Pulp
1 La scomparsa di Amanda Cross 05.2001
2 I delitti di Sunset Boulevard 03.2005
3 Il caso della magnolia rossa 05.2007