Introduction: Deadly nightmares emerge from the coils of time!


Frequency: monthly

Real history

Release: 17/03/2017

Plot: Stefano Munarini

Script: Giovanni Gualdoni, Davide Rigamonti

Artwork: Matteo Resinanti, Antonella Vicari

Cover: Sergio Giardo

A new attraction is the latest craze in East City: a virtual reality system that brings with it the promise of an extremely vivid and intriguing experience, thanks to its extraordinary accuracy in the historical reenactment. Those who can afford the ticket will be able to visit every era in history, and be actual witnesses to the events that changed the course of the Humankind. They can also meet the great figures of the past and interact with them. But when on of the users meets his end in the machine, Nathan and Legs will have to connect to system and fight the nightmares that emerged from the coils of time…

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Page listings:

Title M/A first edition Nathan Never
1 Agente speciale Alfa 06.1991
2 Il Monolito Nero 07.1991
3 Operazione Drago 08.1991
4 L'isola della morte 09.1991
5 Forza invisibile 10.1991
6 Terrore sotto zero 11.1991
7 La zona proibita 12.1991
8 Uomini Ombra 01.1992
9 Gli occhi di uno sconosciuto 02.1992
10 Inferno 03.1992