Introduction: It all began with some friends, who entered Maurizio De Giovanni's name into a writing competition. And Commissioner Ricciardi was born!

Il commissario Ricciardi Magazine

N°: 1

Frequency: annual

Il commissario Ricciardi Magazine 2018

Release: 24/05/2018

Cover: Daniele Bigliardo

Our first magazine about Commissioner Ricciardi features four stories derived from short stories starring the cop from Campania, and an extended interview with the Neapolitan writer, where De Giovanni reveals all the secret of his popular, literary and comic-book saga.

Dieci centesimi
Plot: Maurizio de Giovanni
Script: Sergio Brancato
Artwork: Daniele Bigliardo

Why has Commissioner Ricciardi dedicated his life to investigating how other people’s lives end? We find out about it when we see an 18-year old Ricciardi going to enroll at the university and then changing his mind at the last moment, because...

Un mazzo di fiori
Plot: Maurizio de Giovanni
Script: Paolo Terraciano
Artwork: Lucilla Stellato

Brigadier Maione is facing a strange thief: why steal a bunch of flowers, when you could steal money? An odd question that will lead the usually flawless Maione to act unusually.

Plot: Maurizio de Giovanni
Script: Claudio Falco
Artwork: Luigi Siniscalchi

A clairvoyant who told his visions in order to translate them into Lotto numbers is found dead. While he’s investigating the murder, Ricciardi stumbles upon an aristocratic lady from Northern Italy...

Partire e lasciare
Plot: Maurizio de Giovanni
Script: Paolo Terraciano
Artwork: Alessandro Nespolino

A mother leaves her son, who’s dying of diphtheria, in a hospital. Doctor Modo tries to save him, facing a situation that the child’s mother had deemed as desperate.